Visegrad Artist Residency – Visual & Sound Arts

Collective-composition-n.1 (1) (kopie)



Collective composition n.2 – research in compositional collaboration and collective creative process


Artist: Ján Podracký (SK)


Period: 1. 8. – 31. 10. 2016


The residency project aims on theoretical processing, presenting and preparing of musical composition which examine serial multi-mindedness decision-making, cooperative creative process and social behavior of participants in context of one piece of music, notated on one common paper and mailed around the world. …People and their sounds…

Focusing on fundamental questions of creative process and its possibilities in co-composing between composers, one can ask what will happen if each next step of compositional process will be decided by different person? What result would bring this step-by- step decision-making in a context of one piece? What conditions and limitations are needed for the best possible result? Is it possible to find unity between so different aesthetics, if yes how? Is it meaningful in multi-directional community of contemporary music? …Community, not elite…

What the behavior of the individuals will be in this specific collective social situation, especially between composers who are considered as one of the strongest individuals in art? The project brings together established composers with young or still studying ones thus creating a multicultural and inter-generational social relationships. …Collective of individualities…

The planned outcome is presentation of this project to wider range of experts, discussion about it, enrichment of it for the best possible results. The lecture would consist of audiovisual demonstration of the first version of the concept and word presentation of the second version which is still in progress. Based on this critical discussion with additional experts the main residency outcome would be publishing an essay about essence of the concept, its specification, its potential advantages or disadvantages to musical composition and education in general. This essay is necessary anchor point for additional work with a concept, also possibly base point for new improved versions. The last outcome would be performance of the Collective composition n.1, which score includes entries by 12 composers.


Ján Podracký, Brno – August 2016