SO / 21.10. / 19.00 / Heathers On Tour (HOT) / přednáška, performance

Umělkyně Veronika Burger, Nora Jacobs a Nicole Sabella vytvoří, podle motta „your documentation is my documentation is my material is my next show“, performativní instalaci inspirovanou scénáři hororových filmů. Propojením prvků ze svých dřívějších děl (textů, choreografických prvků, performativních objektů) s novými kostýmy a centrální otočnou scénou vznikne nové dílo, na kterém v navazující přednášce představí feministický pracovní přístup v ženském uměleckém kolektivu.

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Veronika Burger, Nora Jacobs a Nicole Sabella se setkaly při studiích na Akademii výtvarných umění ve Vídni a spolupracují od roku 2013. Zaměřují se na post feministickou analýzu ženských postav v hororových filmech. Hororové postavy – jako “Final Girl” – jsou přenášeny z obrazovky na jeviště, přičemž je zachována neklidná hororová atmosféra.


According to the motto „your documentation is my documentation is my material is my next show“, Heathers on Tour (embodied by the artists Veronika Burger, Nora Jacobs and Nicole Sabella) combine performance objects, texts and choreographic elements from earlier works with new costumes and a central revolving stage to create a performative installation inspired by horror film scenarios. Performance and lecture provide insight into the female artist collective’s feminist working approach.
Veronika Burger, Nora Jacobs and Nicole Sabella met while studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and collaborate since 2013. They concentrate on a post feminist analysis of female characters in horror movies. Horror movie characters – like the “final girl” – are transferred from screen onto stage while maintaining an atmosphere of uncanniness.

* Supported by Bundeskanzleramt Österreich & Österreichisches Kulturforum Prag (Rakouské kulturní fórum v Praze), MKČR, MMB
* Událost je součástí cyklu 4AM Současné feministické strategie

Lives and works in Vienna, AT. Veronika Burger studied at Transmedia Arts at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and recently finished her studies in Performative Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. The focus in her works is the performative with or without the physical presence of the own body. Veronika Burger deals in her works with the construction of memory and 20th/21st century art history and hence the subsequent change of perception of art works. The preoccupation with OFF-moments of artistic production and authorship draws a line between staged set-ups of exhibitions, descriptions of scripts, rehearsing and failing cheerleader and fitness choreographies, rehearsal situations of musicals and stage elements of musicals, film and photo sets, to the production of tears in telenovelas. Especially of importance for the artist is a humorous approach towards dealing with her characters, costumes, videos and objects.

2013 ROW_1 „krrr“ Ve.Sch – Raum und Forum in der Bildenden Kunst, Vienna, AT,
KRRR Friday Exit, 1010 Vienna, AT
2012 entzaubert – noncommercial, QUEER D.I.Y. Filmfestival, Berlin, DE
9th Naoussa International Film Festival Naoussa, GR
2011 METAmART – Kunst und Kapital, k/haus Wien, AT,
Vienna Zocalo, Galería Carlos Fuentes, VI. International Biennal of Textile Art México, Xalapa, MEX
Andy says, Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna, AT, What a Drag! Brut, Wien, AT
2010 Exploiding Cinema, London, UK
2009 Die Anderen, Secession, Wien, AT
SWANHOTEL special, Brut, Wien, AT
Transeuropa, Theater- und Performancefestival, Hildesheim, DE, TRANSSportMEDIA@Space Gallery, Bratislava, SK

*1984 in Berlin / DE. Lives and works in Vienna / AT
In her works Nora Jacobs deals with the moment of entering – making an entrance – as an accumulation and culmination of expectations. She is interested in the transition between before and after and the moment of the in between – all seen from the point of view of the person who enters and the person who observes. Something private becomes public and the other way around. Something unexpected happens. Irritation takes place. And what seemed to be choreographed, planned, and expected suddenly disappears. What comes after failure?
After graduating from the Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong / HK / with an International Baccalaureate in 2003 Nora Jacobs studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Wanting to deepen her performance skills she trained with the Academy of Circus Arts – Europe’s only traveling circus school for five months / UK. From 2006 to 2009 she attended the Norwegian Theatre Academy / NO and graduated with a B.A. in Acting. During that time she did an exchange term at the Zurich University of the Arts / CH at the Acting Department. Afterwards she felt the need to take a break and at the same time enrolled at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design / Kiel / DE before returning to Vienna to the Academy of Fine Arts where she will complete her Diploma in 2014. 

• Attitüde, das Pardon und die Kulise / Galerie der HFBK / Hamburg / DE
• Last Night I dreamed of Leonardo di Caprio / VBKÖ / Vienna / AT
• A STARLET Pulli mit Nichts drauf / Gessnerallee / Zurich / CH
• Last Night I dreamed of Leonardo di Caprio II / Pumpe / Kiel / DE
• Haus / Hundsturm / Vienna / AT
• Applause / Catalyst Arts Gallery / Belfast / Ireland
• Kunst als Kunst / Collaboration with Claudia C. Linder / Hosted in Athens / GR
• Titti / Klub Mutti / Marea Alta / Vienna / AT
• Inside the house / Artists with Attitude / Amsterdam / NL
• Tips for foreigners and those who want to become one / Pi Artworks / Istanbul / TR
• Schön! Schön! / Neumünster Holsten Brewery / Neumünster / DE
• Sex Diversity Vending Machine / Freies Museum Berlin / Berlin / DE

Born in Mettmann / DE. Lives and works in Wien / AT.
Nicole Sabella understands her artistic work as choreographic. Point of departure of her installation based performance work is the body in time, movement, language and space. Currently her interest lies in possibilities of social interaction and collective work and life practices.
After completing her diploma in Art History, Czech studies and Middle-East-European History, Nicole Sabella started a Phd-programme in Philosophy at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, where she is currently also studying at the Class of Performative Arts.

– KRRR. Performative Installation / Friday Exit, Vienna /AT
– Krrr. Performative Intervention / Ve.sch, Vienna / AT
– ANUS. Performative Intervention / Aula der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien / AT and New Synagogue, Zilina / SK
– [RE-]ANIMATING MAYA. Installation and Live-Performance von TRI_XI (Magdalena Chmielewska, Nicole Sabella) / Festival Crossbreeds / Palais Kabelwerk / AT
– Dance Dance Dance / Installation and Live-Performance / Aula der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien / AT
– Am I My Documentation / Intervention and Live-Performance / Xhibit / Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien / AT
– Silent Walk / SCORES N° 4: Under Protest / Tanzquartier Wien / AT
– „…and then documentation took over“ / Performance / Kunstraum Niederösterreich / AT
– Versuchsanordnung 2:1 / Video performance (with Veronika Merklein) / Wien / AT