* ZRUŠENO * NE / 28.10. / 17.00 / S(o)unday Mixtapes: Sounds Queer? – Introduction to synths w/Zosia / workshop

Pravidelný nedělní večer věnovaný experimentální hudbě. Tentokrát ve formě workshopu se Zosia Hołubowska ve znamení „Introduction to synths“. Syntezátor může být kosmickou lodí, ale i nástrojem k prozkoumávání nadpozemských či neobvyklých zvuků. Úvodem do zvukové syntézy s trochou historie syntezátorů z feministického hlediska budeme nasávat průkopníky elektronické hudby, dozvíme se něco o základech zvuku a podíváme se do nitra syntezátorů. Počet účastníků workshopu je omezen na 10. Své přihlášky prosím posílejte na prahavbrne@gmail.com. Vstup volný.

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SOUNDS QUEER? Introduction to synths 

w/ Zosia Hołubowska

Synthesizer can be a spaceship or a tool to explore unearthly, uncanny sounds. This workshop offers an introduction to sound synthesis with a bit of history of synthesizers from a feminist perspective. We will listen to the pioneers of electronic music, learn about the basics of sound and components of synthesizers. Our meeting will be concluded with a space to explore what is a synth with a pair of headphones, so if you always wanted to touch one, there’s your chance. Attack, decay, sustain, release!

The workshop is a part of Sounds Queer? the project, aiming at creating a queer synthesizer laboratory and a queer safer space through electronic and computer music. SQ? is happy to visit Brno! Workshops prioritize femme, women, afab, non-binary, trans, queer folks but everyone is welcome as long as they are willing to reflect upon their own privileges (how easy it is for them to gain this kind of knowledge, how often do they speak/ reach out to teach the gear first) and take a step back to create more space for others.
Workshop will be guided in English.




Zosia Hołubowska is an electronic musician, sound artist, and music activist, self-identified as a non-binary person. They have been experimenting with traditional ways of singing, noise and drone machines, synthesizers to create performative sound landscapes, that explore queerness and magic. They are a funder and curator of Sounds Queer?, a pop-up synthesizer laboratory, where they organize, facilitate and run workshops on electronic and synthesizer music for women, queer and non-binary people. Their latest music solo project Mala Herba interprets traditional Polish and Ukrainian songs and magic rituals and filters them through synthesizers, creating a dark, dancy performance. They are also a part of Oramics, a platform and collective booking agency that supports femme and non-binary musicians on the electronic music scene. Currently,y they are a Ph.D. Fellow at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna & Institute of Sonology.